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Amalekites In The Church

“…And I took the crown that was upon his head and the bracelet that was on his arm and have brought them here to my Lord”(2 Sam. 1:10).

This was the report of an Amalekite to David in Ziklag – An accursed fellow seeking a cheap favour, protection and covering, by swapping heads, and bringing crowns and bracelets that rightly belong to others. I must refuse as David did. There is a crown of righteousness meant for my head; there is an ornament of grace for my neck; God will give me in due season. Help me for thee to wait, 0 LORD.

Not other men’s crowns and bracelets must I run for, even in ministry. True ministry is not pushing others down. It is not in swapping crowns; it is not in welcoming to my bosom, Amalekites, who have no genuine relationship with Jesus.

Though David had been subjected to undue and unnecessary humiliation, blackmail and feats of jealousy – the piercing javelin of Saul against the hard wall … He never will rejoice at stolen crowns and bracelet brought in by an enemy of the cross – the Amalekite!

Look at a true heart!

“Then David took hold of his clothes and tore them, and likewise all the men who were with him; and they mourned, and wept and fasted until evening, for Saul and for Jonathan; his son, and for the people of the LORD, and for the house of Israel, because they were fallen by the sword (2 Sam.1:11 & 12).

Note the reaction of a broken heart. A heart that loves God and His children! Even if it be God’s judgement on Saul, he must not rejoice at the down fall of a man of anointing!

Naturally, one would expect him to mourn first, and only for Jonathan his loyal friend, and not for Saul, a man who had several times pursued his soul, and driven him out of the heritage of the LORD.

But he mourned first and foremost for Saul, then for Jonathan, then for the LORD’s people, then for the house of Israel, who suffered as a result of Saul’s error and backsliding.”

Note also the pain of his tender heart:

“…because they were fallen by the Sword”.

Falling by the sword is not the death of the righteous. He expected Saul not to have been so humiliated … He mourned, for it was a “victory” for the enemy of the LORD…

May my heart be so sensitive, as to see that every fallen child of God is a “victory” for the devil. It calls for fasting, weeping and mourning. LORD, let the zeal of thine house consume me much more than ever, as to never cease from  crying unto you, as mighty men of our day are falling by the fiery darts of the wicked.

Amalekites in the church have helped to slaughter men of anointing, running from one ministry to another, bringing crowns and bracelets from other men’s heads to place on other men (who are feverishly looking for cheap popularity and un-scrutinized followership) – gossips who pretend to be on our side pending the day of battle when they will push us hard against the spear and the sword…

May I never spare them around me, around the work you gave me to do. May I not receive such cheap loyalty from men whose hearts have not been circumcised by the cross.

When men troop in, saying ‘Yes sir!’ ‘Yes sir!’ with evil reports of other men, criticizing and analysing the works, the failures, the weaknesses of others … They are Amalekites! “Sojourners” only in God’s family … They are “passers-by”. May I learn not to commit myself unto such men.

Amalekites in the church…! When Saul spared them – their chief, Agag, he thought he would live longer but alas it was this Amalekite that killed him. Samuel, by divine inspiration called them sinners.

Concerning Agag, he said, his sword has made many women childless! Men who would have been great and fruitful for the LORD has been made childless by the sword of Agag, so this Agag must be hewn in pieces before the LORD! Permit them not to live or have any say in the midst of God’s children.

“How wast thou not afraid to stretch forth thine hand to destroy the LORD’s anointed!” (2 Sam. 1:14)

…was David’s question!

Look at some characteristics of Amalekites! They are not afraid to put forth their polluted hands to destroy the LORD’s anointed. I must not act or make any comments or take side because of their report. I must not accept crowns and bracelets they bring … They must DIE!

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