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“Draw me, we will run after you.  The king has brought me into his chambers; we will be glad and rejoice in You, we will remember Your love more than wine; the upright love You.”  Songs of Songs 1:4 NKJV

This is the issue in my getting into a deep communion with my Lord.  “No man cometh to Me, unless the Father has drawn him”, is the truth in every case of a man coming to God.  The law of the earthly inertia is so strong on my soul.  I have been so glued to this earth that it will take a strong pull from heaven to get me out of its hold.  There is always one thing or the other to do that seeks to pull me away from the high place of communion.  It is the bane of my life.  It saps me of spiritual sensitivity.  It robs me of the grace that could have been mine, if I had learnt to tarry at the throne of grace. 

The only answer is here; “Draw me….”  Take me away with you and we will run away.  We will run away from the world system and its noise.  We will run away from every distraction.  Let’s run off together!  Jesus Himself ran away to a solitary place.  He pushed even disciples into the ship while he departed alone to a mountain apart, so as to be alone with His Father.  The pursuit of God for any man demands that he runs away from the world system and all its toys to a place of solitude to be with God.  But what is the critical point here for me today is that: You have to take me away with You.  I, on my own, cannot possibly extract myself from all the entanglements.  O Lord, please take me away with You.  Draw me and pull me into Thyself.

“Take me away with you!  Let’s run off together!  An elopement with my king-Lover.  We will celebrate, we will sing, we will make great music.  Yea! For your love is better than vintage wine.  Everyone loves you – of course! And why not”. MSG

The message version describes it as “an elopement with my King-Lover.” I can appreciate this, when I think of how girls are eloped with in this land where I live.  She may be selling in the market when her lover draws her to a corner.  A brief chat is enough to take her away without the notice of her parents or her companions.  She is taken away swiftly to an unknown destination.  After some days, word is sent to her parents: “Your daughter is with us and has become our wife. Come let us negotiate the bride price.”

It is clear.  It is exactly what I need to do to get away from the love and the hold of the world.  It is a divine elopement.  I will never be released unto you by any form of bargain.   There will always be one thing or the other to do or to attend to.  I am growing old and I have not yet struck my generation with the punch of your call on my life.   My punches are still so weak and light that they have not created the needed impact.  O Lord, help me this day.  Take me away with you.  Take me into your chambers. You are my King.  Take me to your room, dear LORD.  Take me from peripheral living.  Take me away from superficiality.

You are my King, take me into your room dear Lord. My generation needs something more authentic to prepare her for your soon appearing.  I need to be more sharp and accurate in releasing the oracles that will prepare this generation for revival.  Take me away from menial things.  Take me away from doing things that my subordinates can do very well.  Help me enter into the next stage of your calling for my life in Jesus’ Name.  You took away Moses from the congregation for forty days, so you would sit over his life and for him to see the pattern of the heavenly things, so the work on earth could be done as it is in heaven.  While away, men continued without him.  Lord draw me away when I ought to be climbing the mount of vision, lest I become ordinary among the men I am called to lead into their rest.

“Take me with you, and we’ll run away my king and take me to your room.  We will be happy together, drink deep and loose ourselves in love.  No wonder all women love you!” GNB

“…into your chambers…”!  

Actually, the issue is that I long to come into your secret pavilion for He who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall rest under the shadow of the almighty.  O Lord, this is where I want to be.  Take me into your heart.  Create a space for me to enter into the very Shekinah of thy glory.  There is nothing much outside here.  Things out here are diluted and polluted.  I long to come into your very bosom.  Lord, draw me nearer.  I know it is possible to walk intimately with you.  Take me, dear Lord, into your private rooms.

You took Paul into the third heavens. He saw and heard things that you wanted him not to speak casually with anyone.  You took Peter, James and John to the mount of transfiguration, where they saw and heard what you told them not to tell anyone until you have risen from the death. You took Daniel into the inner room, where you showed him things to come and asked him to seal it till the time of the end.  O Lord, take me into Your room. Father do it for my own generation as well.

It is not for show that I want this.   It is that I may serve You more accurately in this time. As I am pleading for this elopement, my heart strikes me of the level of trust I must bear to come into this place. I know you abhor betrayal of trust. Yet, I only fall back on you again for help.  Deliver me from a porous mouth.  Deliver me from lightness of heart that is too shallow to bear your burdens.  Lord, help me and still grant me this privilege to bear a trust for You in my generation.

You called John, the beloved up thither and You opened the doors of the “heavenlies” to him to see and hear of what will soon be on the surface of the earth.  You desire to reveal your purpose to someone in this generation. I long to come, O Lord into this level of communion.  I am losing taste for mere things of the earth.  I have trifled with the common bread for so long.

Call me up thither.  O father, grant this to me from today.  Change my appetite.  Change my routines.  Change my itinerary.  I actually need to elope from all of these things that look legitimate, but they make me menial and weak in the discharge of Your mandate on my life.

“Blessed is the one whom You choose, and cause to come near You.  He shall dwell in your court: we shall be satisfied with the goodness of your house, even of your holy temple”. (Ps 65:4)

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  • Tinuke Samson

    These I pray for in Jesus name, Amen.

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