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Feb 2018 – Living Your Choices

We deeply apologize that we have been unable to refresh this new website since we launched it in the early days of December 2017. As you probably know, the Ministers Leadership Retreat, which is our most intensive meeting of the year happens in December. This was immediately followed by several internal meetings and retreats which only sandwiched the Christmas/New Year holidays.

We further regret that we cannot yet announce the addition of any of the features we promised last time. The good news, however,

is that there is now a little band of dedicated ICT ministers behind this effort and they are working hard to keep this “ministry on the rooftops” going and growing. We covet your prayers!

This month opens with a fresh edition of our PHOTO JOURNAL on the process of death that releases abundance and fruitfulness. Anyone who is not willing to deny himself, decrease and decay into the soil of life, misses the opportunity of bringing much increase to the kingdom of God.

GLEANINGS brings you the second part of “Deliberate Choices Jesus Made”. This time Bro. Gbile examines the Master’s choice to “Take Upon Himself The Form Of A Servant”.

The NEWSBOARD announces all the major programmes in Gboko for 2018. An interesting development this year is a pause on both the “Christian Ladies Retreat” and the “Christian Men’s Convocation” to have a combined “Christian Couples Retreat”. Nobody will be allowed to attend or even register without the spouse. Likewise, also, the erstwhile Christian Students Congress enlarges into the “Christian Students And Youth Congress” to accommodate all youths in and out of tertiary schools, the working class youth, up to those that are less than ten years married. There are other regular retreats. Follow the link to view a full listing.

While the eBooks are still been awaited, the FEATURED MEDIA brings you a new set of Podcasts and Vidcasts called “Life Seeds” (short 2-5 mins video excerpts from the ministry of the Living Seed Team). These will also be available on our Social Media platforms. These are not intended to completely replace our whole message servings as the Lord enables us. This month we bring you an old but ever fresh message from Bro. Dennis on “Your focus As A Youth” from one of the earliest Students Congresses and a Clergy Retreat Family Clinic” featuring Bro. Gbile & Sis Sade and Pastor David & Gyarta Pofi of the Church of Christ In Nigeria (COCIN), Jos.

The LIVING JOURNALS adds a treatise on developing An Excellent Spirit” using the life of Daniel as a prototype. Bro. Lanre examines the hows and whys of the scarcity of this kind of spirit in our generation. He reveals that this spirit which develops in obscurity matures with length of time, is often despised and ignored, until it is time for it to be rewarded. Will you be a man of an excellent spirit? The choice again is yours! Living Journals may add another article within the month.

We hope that these various opportunities of encountering the Lord keep you coming back to the website to thresh out the juices of Grace that the Lord has prepared for you.

God bless you!

Livingseed ICT team

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