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Welcome to a fresh dawning of this “ministry on the rooftops!”
The Livingseed Website, far from being what we hope it to be yet, this new website is designed to nourish even the most casual visitor, who will be blessed by the “PHOTO JOURNAL” even in his haste. We have retained “GLEANINGS” to keep nourishing the seeking disciple’s devotions on a weekly basis. The “NEWSBOARD” will update with upcoming programs and other necessary announcements.
Very soon, a beautifully designed “SEED CENTRE” will offer the long-awaited online store for Peace House materials while the “LS BROADCAST” lists all the stations you can listen to the Word over the airwaves.The “BOOK REVIEW” will continue to offer insights into our growing list of publications. And those who have a PHCode can have direct access from here to their registration portal, for counselling, free media materials etc.

“FEATURED MEDIA” offers the disciple a quick ministry from “AUDIO & VIDEO” messages and a regular “PODCAST”, plus peek into one “eBOOK”(coming soon). Each of these leads to a whole lot more on their dedicated pages.

Next, we introduce our online magazine “LIVING JOURNALS”, featuring articles by other members of the Peace House team of ministers, to further enrich our devotions.

Finally, we covet your prayers that God who has begun a new work here will sustain both His work and the feeble labourers behind the Computer screens!


For the ICT.

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