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Draw Out Now!

“And he saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the governor of the feast. And they bare it.” (Joh 2:8)

What a miracle! Draw out now and bear to the governor of the feast.

Once I am filled to the brim the next command over my life is to draw out. Draw out NOW! I wonder what was responsible for this urgency from my Master. As if there should be no lapse of time between when I am filled to the brim and when to draw out from me… Lord, your thoughts are truly not our thoughts and your ways are truly not our ways. I would have loved for your life poured into me to the brim to stay a while before it begins to be drawn out. But you said, “Draw Out Now!” as if you are afraid of my becoming stale. You are so concern about my life so much that you would not allow it to flaunt any of your principle of life. To you all that are full are to be set aside, this is the reason why your command is: “Draw Out Now!” It is only as they draw out from me that I can have space to be refilled, else I will become full and meet only to be set aside. “Draw Out Now!” is your secret biding for my continuous flow, refilling and freshness.    

The jars have now become serving points where men could draw out from to meet a certain thirst in the lives of men.

To be filled to the brim is not the end of the matter. Until I am being drawn out to meet the needs in the house, I may remain full but stagnant. O Lord, this is the next cry of my heart to you today. Draw me out and make me a blessing to my generation. Draw out of me of thine treasure which you had earlier poured in there, so that men may drink also from this water pot and be refreshed for their journey to eternity. I desire to be a serving point where men’s needs in life are met. I do not seek for a one time use, rather, I want to be a source where men can come again and again and they will always find satisfaction to their thirst.

Draw out from me such things that thy Spirit has deposited within me that my own generation may not go hungry any more.

Your labour over Moses was for the deliverance of your people from their bondage under Pharaoh in Egypt. You sponsored Esther so she can offset similar debt so that the creditor would not make cheap merchandise of your people. It was for this purpose that you caused me to be filled to the brim. Help me, therefore, oh Lord, that I withhold not myself from this holy use. Draw out from me such freshwater that thy Church might be served with that which is fresh and good rather than the one that is worse and watery. I want to meet the need for which I was filled to the brim in the first place. Therefore, draw out now from me dear Lord!

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