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NCTS-2018 – ICT Seminar

National Christian Teachers Summit, 2018.

Day 3 – 4th August 2018

ICT Seminar – ICT for Teaching, Learning and Research

ICT is any technology that is created to do things differently and uniquely. It is associated with speed and improves the lifestyle of people. ICT is neutral, even though disruptive, it can be used by anyone to achieve any goal. So as teachers, we must make use of technology properly to achieve the appropriate result.

ICT can be used for content development, that is relevant and not archaic. It can be used for collaborative learning. It facilitates learner-centred learning.

Resources available for teachers and teaching

Tes Online Resources
Teaching Ideas
Commonwealth of Learning
Ted Education
Khan Academy

Resources for research


And many more . . .

How to find more resource

Go to
Play around with search terms and keywords. Narrow and refine your search by mentioning certain words that are important to what you’re looking for.

Click to download the presentation of the Seminar.


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