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Twas fifteen years ago, almost exact to the date, when I heard this phrase in Hausa (language of one of Nigeria’s major tribes) for the first time. We had gone on an outreach to the Maguzawaland of Kano. 

An Elder in the land, who obviously had seen many generations, stood up to talk to the gathering of Pastors and leaders of the Body of Christ in Maguzawaland. He went down memory lane, reeling out prophetic utterances, divine encounters and peculiar visitations, where God had made promises to visit their land in years to come. And almost at regular rhetoric intervals, he interjected his story with the phrase “Lokachi ya zo!”, to which the interpreter bellowed “The time has come!” 

He was almost in tears seeing how too many things worked together to bring to pass, what God had promised for decades, by the visit of this Peace House team of revival labourers. And his explanation? It is all simply because “Lokachi ya zo!”

I heard that phrase so many times over and over within that week, that it became permanently etched on the tablet of my mind ever since then. And I have had cause to spontaneously respond with the phrase a no of times as I see God’s divine synchrony of arrangements that makes all things beautiful in HIS own time!

“The time has come!”

Truly, that is the summary of how this new blog site along with the rebranded website has come to pass. First, as the lockdown approached, I had a strong urge to send for my sons and several disciples to come lock-in with me . . . and they all responded as if by divine command. Among them was our chief programmer, a web designer cum educational technologist, a graphic artist and a video editor cum ‘animator’ etc. . . . all camped for over 8 weeks under my roof.

Then came this burden to write to all disciples far and near about how to handle the lockdown for maximum benefit of both their future and the kingdom of God. I sat and wrote and wrote until I nearly sounded like a prophet. I thought of many ways to disseminate the instructions and after an input from my Discipler and an overnight revelation, the vision of creating this blog site was born. Interestingly, all the disciples, professionals worked as if under some mountaintop divine energy . . . forgetting to eat, working late, sometimes not sleeping at all, browsing the net, designing and re-envisioning. Finally, add the response of some new writers and authors and you will get a picture of how this Living Journal is before you today.

I can also only claim ‘Lokachi ya zo!’

After the blog was conceived and was being built, our programmer attempted to integrate it into our old website over the night and the website crashed. It had become obsolete and unable to cope with the new state of the art blog site and it needed a complete overhaul, ground up.

I was awoken by an anxious call from Malawi the following morning that informed me. They needed some info for some church leaders and now it was not available. This showed me that as uninspiring as our website was, it was still relevant and men were resorting regularly there to squeeze out the juice trickling through by the effort of our indefatigable webmaster. 

This little incidence demonstrated the relevance of our labours across the nations and the needs of men, it was meeting. This escalated our resolve to redesign and enrich the website so that it will serve hungry souls seeking the heavenly manna. It is no longer a debatable fact that God has pointed out the labour in our hands as where to get their souls refreshed. 

I, therefore, humbly invite you to a banquet of fat things that the Lord has prepared for you at this time. Feel free to return over and over to consume its rich content. Share the links and spread the word. We have no other explanation for how God has worked everything together beyond the fact that “Lokachi ya zo!”


  • laolu

    the time has really come for us to enter into the fullness of what christ has in store for us and our generation sir.
    thanks for adding spices to this website.

  • Kidaf, Ibrahim Abdullahi

    Our Good is good and most gracious indeed. I concur as a Milert Graduate of Set 19, this long expected Living Spring of drinking in the Living Seed cannot be better timed. Indeed to the glory of God “LOKACI YA ZO’. I am a blessed beneficiary of its timeliness in Christ -Amen!!!

  • Akinloye Samuel

    Please help me to know God experientially. I beg you please!

  • Stanley Amadi

    Dear Beloved, I’m also drinking from this well as it flows into Republic of Ireland – And Yes! “Lokachi ya zo!”. I give God the glory for the commitment of the Lord’s labourers at Living Seed Ministries. May your hands never grow weary even as the Almighty God continues to work with you all in Jesus Name – Amen!

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